DepEd launches Damath

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A board game designed to help Filipino students learn about mathematics, was launched by the Department of Education combining Damath, coined from the Filipino game “dama” and “math,” is a board game that aims to help Filipino students in learning about Mathematics. The DepEd says that the game blends local culture, education, and digital technology, to enablewhich aims to attract more children to learn and appreciate math.

The board game was designed to be child-friendly, challenging, and interactive. It also aims to help children learn to deepen their knowledge and adopt mathematical concepts in real life. Apart from basic mathematical operations, some concepts in basic accounting, such as debit and credit, simple bookkeeping and balance sheet are also integrated to the use of Damath. The first set of Damath chips represent rent, taxes, salaries, and other operating expenses while the other set represents income like selling price, profit, savings, real property, and building equipment.  The game is played with the Damath chips properly labeled as business expenses and business income. To win the game, one must get more “income chips” than “expenses chips.”

Damath is the brainchild of 1981 presidential merit medal awardee Jesus L. Huenda.