Camera Shots and Angles

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     This is an interactive session where the student explores the material without the teacher, learns at his own pace and later on takes a short assessment.


     After this session, the student will be able to identify and differentiate the basic video camera shots and camera movements.



    Prior to this session, the student is oriented by the teacher on Slide Show usage and how to access this lesson at the library multimedia section or the class website.

    This session is given as an assignment.


    For the next class session, there will be a hands-on session with the students manipulating the video camera and demonstrating the different camera shots and movements.


    The Slide Show file is attached at the end of this lesson and can be downloaded by the teacher or students.


Here are some slide show previews of this lesson:




The exam file will be attached to Session 2 of this module later.

v1 crane.mp41.04 MB
v3 panning.mp4639.37 KB
v4 tilt down.mp4896.58 KB
v5 tilt up.mp41.27 MB
v6 track shot.mp4979.27 KB
v9 zoom in.mp42.63 MB
v10 zoom out.mp41.84 MB
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