MATH GRADE 2: Pattern of Naming Ordinal Numbers Beyond 20

Subject: Mathematics
  |  Educational level: Grade 2

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Pattern of Naming Ordinal Numbers Beyond 20
I. Learning Objectives
Cognitive: Use the pattern of naming ordinal numbers beyond 20
Psychomotor: Draw objects using the pattern of naming ordinal numbers beyond 20 Affective: Maintain order in performing the activities
II. Learning Content
Skill:Using the pattern of naming ordinal numbers beyond 20
Reference:BEC/PELC I.A.6
Materials:flash cards, charts, drill board
III. Learning Experience
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Drill
Use flashcards to match the ordinal numbers from the ordinal numbers written in words:
2. Review
Write the position of the letters from the word ELEMENTARY with 21s1 as the point of reference.
21st_________ 26th_________
22nd_________ 27th_________
23rd_________ 28th_________
24th_________ 29th_________
25th_________ 30th_________
3. Motivation
Children, let's try to find out who are present today. Let's begin counting by using ordinal number from first up to the last pupil at the back.
B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
  • Suppose, there are 45 pupils present. The last pupil will say 45th or forty-fifth. From our previous lesson, 21st to 30th, we used the pattern with the name of the tens followed by first, second, third,... up to ninth. We can also use this pattern beyond 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 and 90.
  • Ask the pupils to give the ordinal numbers from 31st to 39th to see how the pattern works.
  • Ask different children to read the ordinal numbers from 21st to 30th, from 31st to 40th, 41st to 50th, and so on.
2. Group Activities
Per group activities, you may divide the class and let them write ordinal numbers and words opposite it.
Group I -31st to 40th
II - 41st to 50th
III - 51st to 60th
IV - 61st to 70th
How will you work with your group? First, you should work cooperatively with the member of the group. Second, you should work orderly and neatly. Third, you should keep your things in their proper place after using them.
3. Generalization
How do you use the pattern of naming ordinal numbers beyond 20?
The numbers beyond 20 are written with the name of the tens followed by first, second, third, ninth, (e.g. twenty-first, thirty-fourth, fifty-third, etc.)
C. Application
1. Tell the position of the word in each box using 31st as the point of reference.
31st ___________ 36th ___________
32nd ___________ 37th ___________
33rd ___________ 38th ___________
34th ___________ 39th ___________
35th ___________40th ___________
2. Draw ten objects that you can see inside the classroom. Write their ordinal positions. Use 41st as the point of reference.
IV. Evaluation
A. Who is the winner? (Use 51st as point of reference)
Answer the questions:
1. Who was the 51st to reach the finish line? _____________
2. Who's on the 55th? _____________
3. Who's next to 56th? _____________
4. Who's the last boy on the line? _____________
5. Who's the 52nd boy on the line? _____________
6. Who's the 54th on the line? _____________
7. Who's the boy next to 58th? _____________
8. What's the position of Leo in the race? _____________
9. What's the position of Ben in the race? _____________
10. What's the position of the winner? _____________
V. Assignment
Draw 10 kinds of toy that you have and number them using 51st as your point of reference.


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