MATH GRADE 2: Analyzing Word Problems

Subject: Mathematics
  |  Educational level: Grade 2

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Analyzing Word Problems

I. Learning Objectives
Cognitive: Tell the word clues and the operation to be used in the word problem Psychomotor:Write word clues or word problems with word clues
Affective: Practice working quietly at all times
II. Learning Content
Skill: Telling the word clues and the operation to be used in the word problem involving addition of whole numbers
Reference: BEC PELC I B6.1.1.1
Materials: word problems, flash cards on addition, strips of manila paper, 5 manila papers printed with 1 word problem each
III. Learning Experiences
A. Preparatory Activities
1. Drill
Find the sum.
+ 7
+ 8
+ 4
2. Review
Aling Sonia made 34 paper roses and Aling Rosa made 41 paper tulips. How many paper flowers did they make in all?
- What is asked in the problem?
- What are given in the problem?
3. Motivation                         
         "This is Bimbo. He has a problem. He can't answer his homework. He is Asking for your help."
B. Developmental Activities
1. Presentation
Present Bimbo's homework.
Junie picked 13 guavas in the morning. In the afternoon, he picked 15 guavas more. How many guavas did he pick in all?
  • What are the word clues?
  • What operation should be used?
Let a pupil act out the word problem.
This time use pebbles instead of guavas.
  • How did you arrive at the correct answer?
  • How did you add 13 and 15? What words in the problem made you think that you
    have to add 13 to 15?
  • What operation should be used with the word clues "How many in all?" or in all?
2. Group Activities
Activity 1
Divide the class into 5 groups. Give each group a copy of word problem. The pupils will write on strips of manila paper the word clues and the operation to be used in each problem.
Group 1
Ate Lucy went to the grocery. She bought 12 packs of cookies and 16 packs of noodles. How many packs of groceries did she buy in all?
Group 2
Roden went to a pet shop. He bought 15 gold fish and 7 blue fish. How many fishes did he buy?
Group 3
I read 21 pages of my English book yesterday. Today, I read 17 pages. What is the total number of pages did I read?
Group 4
Among the pupils who joined the field trip to Malacañang, 168 were Grade I pupils and 231 were Grade li pupils. How many Grades I and II pupils joined the trip?
Group 5
In a school, there are 542 girls and 387 boys. How many pupils are there in that school?
Activity 2
Divide the pupils into 5 groups. Distribute the manila paper with a word problem printed on it.
Direction: Underline the word clues once and write the operation to be used.
Group 1
Linda has 34 candies. Chloe has 28. How many candies do they have in all?
Group 2
On weekends, Arnena sells camote cue. Last Saturday, she earned P25 in the morning and P30 in the afternoon. How much did she earn on that day?
Group 3
My father planted 12 papaya seedlings and 7 calamansi seedlings. How many seedlings did he plant in all?
Group 4
Mang Jose has 28 chickens and 18 ducks. How many fowls does he have?
Group 5
Gino has 63 popsicle sticks. I have 50 popsicle sticks. What is the sum of our popsicle sticks?
• Individual presentation of output
How did each one of you work on the activity? Were you noisy or you worked quietly? If you worked noisily, do you think you can do your work properly? How then should we work?
3. Generalization
What did we look for in the word problem?
How did we know the operation to be used for a word problem?
C. Application
Pupils do some exercises in their papers/ Mathematics notebooks.
1. In the morning, 42 people ate in Aling Celia's carinderia. Then in the afternoon, 46 people ate there, too. How many ate in Aling Celia's carinderia?
2. Fifty-two pupils use the school's drinking fountain during recess this morning. After the flag retreat, 35 pupils used it again. How many pupils used the drinking fountain altogether?
IV. Evaluation
Box the word clues. Then write the operation to be used after the question.
  1. Mang Julian put 537 ripe mangoes in a basket. He put 265 unripe mangoes in another basket. How many mangoes were there in all?
  2. Lino picked up 292 shells in the seashore in the morning and 324 shells in the afternoon. How many shells did he pick up in all?
  3. There were 105 parents in the program and 698 pupils, too.
    How many people were present in the program?
  4. Mother bought a pair of earrings for P803 and a bracelet for P476. How much do the bracelet and a pair of earrings cost altogether?
  5. Last Saturday, Marie sold 425 magazines and 275 newspapers. What is the total number of reading materials did she sell?
V. Assignment
Write down the word clues and the operation to be used in solving the problems below.
  1. Dan takes care of 125 chickens. His brother Jim takes care of 212 chicken. How many chickens do Dan and Jim take care in all?
  2. A siopao costs P34 and a glass of buko juice costs P5. How much do the siopao and buko juice cost altogether?


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